Tamba’s Local Sake – Made Using Tamba’s Water And Rice By Tamba’s Chief Brewer

A Pioneer Amid Regional Sakes – Tamba’s Local Sake

Made using the famous Tamba Sasayama rice, this sake comes from the combined skills of Tamba Toji, a group of master sake brewers.

In fact, Tamba Toji, born from activities done during the farming slack seasons and while working away from home, has become one of the top three sakes of Japan. During the Genroku era (a part of the Edo period lasting from 1688-1703), Itami’s sake was a famous brand of sake produced by Tamba Toji. From the mid-Edo era onward (1603-1868), the Tamba Toji moved from the Ikeda and Itami area to the Nada and Imazu area. In 1807, as there a license was not required to produce sake, a sake brewing contest was held. In order to raise the brewing speed of sake, the time it took to produce yeast mash (via yeast cultivation) was shortened, and the Tamba method of sake production was introduced. Thanks to the high value of this skill, the Tamba Toji became the leading sake brewers nationwide. And as such, the Tamba Toji are considered specialists when it comes to the original form of regional sake production in Japan.

Recommended Brands of Tamba’s Local Sake

One Tamba local sake,Tsuki no Korimuro Junmai Nama Shuugetsu, is a fastidiously-made sake of particular distinction. Made by micro-filtering the liquor extracted in the winter, and aged over time in a storage room keep at temperatures below freezing, this sake has a refreshing taste that still retains the mature flavor of the rice.

Houmei Sake Brewery Horoyoi Jokakura’s Jikikumi Muroka Ikuhara Sake Ginjo Houmei is a new brew of sake wherein the time that the sake is allowed to trickle down into the jar is shortened and the sake is unfiltered; this sake is then bottled individually by hand. For this reason, minute traces of the carbonic acid remain in this sake, giving it both a freshness on the tongue and a deep, rich flavor that spreads pleasantly across the palate.

Made from Sasayama’s delicious rice and water, the Tamba Toji’s famous Tamba Local Sake makes an excellent gift or souvenir. Please come and taste the skills of this craft.