Nationwide Popular Tamba Sasayama Black Soybeans

What Are Tamba Sasayama Black Soybeans?

Tamba Sasayama Black Soybeans are known as a local specialty product of the Sasayama region. Black soybeans are soybeans with a black skin that have been cultivated all across Japan. Tamba Sasayama Black Soybeans are known as a top-quality product even amongst the black soybeans of the country and is a large grain product that is sweet with a beautiful, lustrous color.

The Sasayama region, a valley situated at an elevation of 200 – 300m, has a climate temperature that differs immensely between day and night in addition to climate that is hot in the summer and cold in winter. The region’s clay-like soil was considered suitable for the cultivation of high quality black soybeans and have continued to cultivate the beans since long ago.

The main variety of black soybeans grown in the region is called “Tamba Black” and is cultivated both in Hyogo and its surrounding prefectures. Although the origin of the soybeans spreading throughout the region is not certain, it appears to have entered the region during the Warring States period (the end of the 15th century to the end of the 16th century), where it was then discovered that the climate and features of the region fit well with the soybean. It became a gift that was presented to the shogunate (a government of military commanders) during the Edo period (1603 – 1868) and the Tamba Sasayama Black Soybeans were thus spread across Japan as a specialty product.

The Nutritional Value Of The So-Called Field Meat

Black soybeans, nicknamed “field meat” due to its high nutritional value, are utilized in various types of cuisine. Black soybeans made sweet with sugar and boiled until puffy are particularly a familiar staple. It is a dish indispensable to osechi or New Year’s lunch boxes that are eaten during New Year’s in Japan.

The fact that you can expect results in preventing an increase in cholesterol absorption and fatty acid peroxides by eating black soybeans has become a popular topic in recent years. Aside from cooked soybeans, there are also processed goods such as seasonings, confections, and sake being sold in Sasayama. You can enjoy black soybean products regardless of the season.

The rich climate of Tamba Sasayama and its traditional black soybeans. If you will be visiting Sasayama, why not choose black soybeans as a souvenir? We also recommend going to a café during your break from exploring and being healed by the sweetness of black soybean desserts.