Unitopia Sasayama-An Integrated Resort Surrounded by Tamba Sasayama’s Nature

Unitopia Sasayama-A Resort Facility in Harmony with Nature

Unitopia Sasayama resort was built in 1973, under the theme of ‘a utopia where guests can be and co-exist with nature’.

At Unitopia Sasayama, consideration for the surrounding environment is always a top priority.
With the aim of creating a place where guests can interact with nature, areas that existed before the hotel was built such as terraced rice paddies and the remains of a reservoir, were all restored.
This plan to maintain the local forest and nature is an ongoing project. Thickly wooded areas have been restored and preserved, and living creatures including insects, have made their home here.
Also, rice and vegetable production is becoming more commonplace with the restoration of rice paddies.
With the preservation of small streams and brooks, fireflies have started to gather, and so there’s also a firefly-viewing activity held during the summer months.

Located right by the water, Unitopia Sasayama is a fully-equipped resort complete with a campsite, research facility, outdoor field facility, and a wedding chapel.

This resort is directly adjacent to nature, so let’s enjoy some outdoor activities. Here you can have many unique experiences that will surely soothe your soul and put you at ease.

Seasonal Events (with Shuttle Bus Service) and Unique Activities

The hotel also has a shuttle bus that takes guests to and from Tamba Sasayama’s many seasonal events.
In the spring, the shuttle service will take you to Kasuga Shrine to see a live Noh (*2) performance.
In the summer, it’ll drop you off at the Daikokuji Temple Tea Festival, which coincides with the harvest of new tea leaves, and where you can sample foods using all kinds of green tea. Also held during the summer months is the Tamba Sasayama Dekansho Festival, famous all across Japan.
In the fall, you’ll be taken to and from the Kasuga Shrine Festival and the Tamba Pottery Festival.
At New Year’s when you’d like to visit a shrine, they’ll whisk you off to Kasuga Shrine. On New Year’s Day you can also see ‘Gencho Noh-Okina’ performed on the Noh stage at Kasuga Shrine.

*2 Noh: Is Japanese classical theatre that features songs and dances, and plays that are inspired by classical stories. It consists of two kinds of performances, Noh and Kyogen.

Unitopia Sasayama also has a host of special activities planned: in the summer there’s the firefly-viewing festival, star-gazing and a children’s summer camp in the woods; in the fall there’s mikaku-gari, a trip outdoors to pick autumn foods such as sweet potatoes; and in the winter there’s a winter camp for children, filled with many fun activities.
So please enjoy these opportunities to come into contact with nature.

In the hotel’s restaurants, guests can sample delicious food using ingredients from the local Tamba Sasayama area.
Leave your worries and busy life behind you, and feel Sasayama’s special atmosphere by experiencing its four seasons and food culture.

Campsite Bungalow


Name: Unitopia Sasayama
Address: Sasayama, Yashiro 231-1
Telephone: 079-552-5222
Official Home Page: http://unitopia-sasayama.pgu.or.jp/
Access: 10 minutes by taxi from Sasayamaguchi Station (JR Fukuchiyama Line)