Sasayama Holonpia Hotel-A Convenient Location with Full Wi-Fi Access

Fifty Rooms-Various Room Types Including Japanese-Style Tatami

Sasayama Holonpia Hotel, Sasayama city’s one and only business hotel, is located just five minutes away on foot from Sasayamaguchi Station (JR Fukuchiyama Line).
The hotel derives its name from the combination of the Greek words, horos (meaning the whole or total) and on (meaning individuality), and the English word, utopia. The hotel’s name has a meaning akin to “working together closely as a team to provide customers with a comfortable stay and ideal service”.
This hotel has a convenient location, making it the ideal base of operations for your sightseeing or business activities.

The hotel’s fifty rooms offer a wide variety of room types. From the bed and linen that offer an ideal night’s sleep, to the full selection of amenities and Wi-Fi access in all rooms, you’ll be sure to feel the sophisticated comfort of each and every room.
Twin rooms, with the addition of a room cot, can accommodate anywhere from one to three guests. In a similar fashion, up to three guests can stay in the Japanese-style rooms. These rooms have tatami (*1) flooring and are perfect for families.

*1 Tatami: Is a traditional type of flooring which is made by weaving fabric from rush grass. This flooring gives off a faint fragrance.

A Convenient Location Ideal for Local Sightseeing

Inside the hotel complex there are five restaurants offering a wide range of fare, including a western-style, Japanese-style and a pub-style eatery.
The restaurants have original dishes using ingredients from the Tamba Sasayama region, and even a special children’s menu.
Hotel guests will receive discount coupons as well.

With the hotel’s perfect location, guests can easily enjoy local sightseeing by simply boarding a bus from the Sasayamaguchi Station.
To learn more about Sasayama’s feudal domain, by all means pay a visit to Sasayama Castle (and its grand hall), Buke-yashiki Samurai House-Anma’s Historical Museum, the Aoyama History Museum, and Kasuga Shrine.
If you’d like to know more about Tamba Sasayama’s climate and traditional arts, then we also recommend going to the Historical Artifacts Museum and the Tamba Traditional Art Craft Park-Tachikui Sue no Sato.
Or how about joining a walking tour of traditional Tamba Sasayama that leaves directly from the Sasayama Holonpia Hotel?


Name: Sasayama Holonpia Hotel
Address: Sasayama, Nakano 76-4
Telephone: 079-594-2611
Official Home Page:
Access: 5 minutes on foot from Sasayamaguchi Station (JR Fukuchiyama Line)