Standing Quietly in the Forest – The Ikoi Lodge / Tamba Villa

The Ikoi Lodge / Tamba Villa – Lodging Where You Can Experience Tamba Sasayama’s Four Seasons

The Ikoi Lodge / Tamba Villa, located in Hyogo Prefecture, is a place where you can leisurely pass the time while experiencing the four seasons in Tamba Sasayama.

There is a main building as well as log houses. The main building consists of 11 Japanese-style rooms, 2 Western-style rooms, a banquet hall, a large public bath, a cafeteria and a shop. There are a total of 9 log houses; 7 twin rooms, a four person lodge and a suite, all furnished with their own unit baths. There is also a multi-purpose hall.

There are a number of different plans depending on your needs including meal plans, or lodging for anniversaries and/or training camps. For example, there is a meal plan imaged after that of the feudal lord of Sasayama, the house of Aoyama, called the Aoyama Banquet Plan which comes with Wagyu steak, sashimi and vegetables in season. The Special Seasonal Course is a large plate of that season’s most fresh products. From November to March, you’ll be able to taste a local Tamba Sasayama dish made from boar meat known as Botan Ozen.

Events You Can Only Experience in Tamba Sasayama

There are a number of seasonal events in Tamba Sasayama. At the New Year’s Mochi competition, you’ll be able to experience freshly pounded mochi with kinako (soybean flour) and/or anko (red bean paste). In the summer, you’ll be able to take a bus straight to the city center to enjoy Hyogo Prefecture’s biggest event, the Dekansho Festival. The main event of the festival is a dance that takes place around a giant wooden stage. There are about 200 food stalls and 2000 fireworks to enjoy. During the Christmas season, you’ll also be able to enjoy a buffet and a small concert.

* Events may differ by year.

The Ikoi Lodge / Tamba Villa is a place wrapped in the harmony of the forest. So please come and have a relaxing time while getting your fill of delicious Tamba cuisine!


Name: Ikoi Lodge / Tamba Villa
Address: Sasayama City, Gunge 451-4
TEL: 079-552-3111
Access: JR Fukuchiyama Line (Get off at Sasayamaguchi Station and take the Shinki green bus towards the Sasayama Business Office. Get off at Higashi-Okayanishi). 10 minutes on foot.