Jinyourou – A ryokan inn established in 1908 where you can enjoy seasonal cuisines.

Your Accommodation and Meals Base in Sasayama: Jinyourou

In the heart of Sasayama city stands a long-established dining establishment and ryokan inn: Jinyourou, founded in 1908. There are 11 free parking spaces available here which makes it a great choice for those traveling by car. This is a convenient place to have as your base when sightseeing in the area. There are multiple banquet halls in this ryokan, including one with a capacity for 120 people. This inn can be used for a wide variety of purposes; for business, solo travelers, families, to large groups.

The name Jinyourou came from a song; the founder like the phrase “”By the side of the river, let’s pass the night praising the chrysanthemum sake”” from the Noh song “”Shoujou””, and adopted the name from the Japanese characters used in this lyric. A shoujou is a mythical Japanese creature that lives in the sea and is said to be fond of alcohol. This phrase refers to the peaceful sight of Koufu, the sake seller, leisurely drinking by the riverside and a Shoujou deciding to come out to drink along with him. Gazing at the moon while waiting for a friend, Jinyourou is an elegant ryokan where guests can appreciate the nuances of the Noh song “”Shoujou””.

Try Sasayama Specialties at Jinyourou

Guests can enjoy various Sasayama specialty dishes here as well. Mugitoromeshi (sticky barley and rice), an original dish from Sasayama, features sticky, flavorful Japanese yams specially grown in Tamba Sasayama. Please savor the rich sticky texture and uniqueness of this dish that has not changed since the inn’s opening. Botan nabe (wild boar stew) is another regional dish from Sasayama that is also highly recommended (available from November to March only). The Sasayama boar meat has a soft, tender texture that comes from being carefully boiled alongside fresh, local vegetables in a secret miso based broth. Inoshishi no sumibi yakiniku is boar roast cooked to perfection over a charcoal grill. By all means please enjoy this boar meat dish that includes the right balance of meat and fat.

Relish the local cuisine of Tamba Sasayama at Jinyourou, a refined, long-established ryokan inn. A stay here is sure to deliciously color your travels in Sasayama.


Business Name:Jinyourou
Address:Sasayama, Nikaimachi 79
URL:http://tourism.sasayama.jp http://tourism.sasayama.jp/english/ (English)
Access:Get off the train at Sasayamaguchi Station (JR Fukuchiyama line), take the Shinki Green Bus bound for Sasayama Eigyosho to the Nikaimachi bus stop, then walk for 1 minute.