Tamba Sasayama Rice-Recognized For Its Superb Taste

Tamba Sasayama Rice-The Secret to Its Delicious Flavor

Located in a basin surrounded by mountains, and a climate characterized by big differences in the daytime and nighttime temperatures, Tamba Sasayama is able to cultivate a wide range of specialty food products. With the blessing of pure water from clear mountain streams, the highly touted Tamba Sasayama rice, is one of those local specialties.

The koshihikari variety is the most commonly grown rice in Tamba Sasayama.
The growers are especially particular about producing rice that is not only delicious, but also safe and of high quality. Putting time, energy and effort into growing this rice, ensures that it will have a rich, deep flavor.

In the Tamba Sasayama countryside, the rice paddies are located right beside the mountains, meaning they receive plenty of sunlight during the daylight hours. The resulting photosynthesis allows starch in the rice kernel to be stored.
In the evening, cool winds come down from the mountains closing the ears of the rice plants, and condensing and concentrating the starch’s flavor. The repetition of this daily cycle creates a superior, high-quality rice.

Local Dishes Make Tamba Sasayama Rice Taste Even Better

The highlands of Tamba Sasayama sit at an altitude exceeding two-hundred meters, with yearly average temperatures similar to the Tohoku region in Japan’s north.
This is also an area where many rivers originate from, including the Kakogawa River which runs through the central part of Hyogo prefecture, and the Mukogawa River that passes through Hyogo’s southeast region.
The clear and pure water from these waterways result in a rich and fertile countryside.

This rice is filled with a sweet and rich taste that one never tires of. It also plays an important role in many local dishes such as kurigohan (steamed chestnut rice), kuro edamame rice (black young soybean rice), and yamaimo tororo rice (grated mountain yam over rice), matching it perfectly with Tamba Sasayama’s other food specialties.

The highlight of the area is the scene just before the harvest period; golden waves of rice plants gently blowing in the breeze, with the picturesque mountains in the background.

If you have an opportunity to visit Tamba Sasayama, by all means don’t just taste the rice, but also take in the surrounding view of this pastoral landscape.
Here you’ll find Japan’s ‘hometown’ that will soothe your soul and put you at ease.