At Ojiyama Koen Sasayama-so Spend a Relaxing Time in the Hot Spring

Savor Tamba Sasayama’s Four Seasons at Ojiyama Koen Sasayama-so

From atop a small hill called Ojiyama, you can see the splendor of Tamba Sasayama’s pastoral landscape.

Ojiyama Koen Sasayama-so is a hotel located in a place where Sakura cherry blossoms can be seen in the spring, and the changing color of the foliage and the rich hues of the nearby nature, take center stage during the autumn.
With the Sasayama River and the country scenery serving as a backdrop, enveloped by the trees and the sound of the wind, let’s enjoy a relaxing time here.

Ojiyama Koen Sasayama-so offers a variety of room types: Japanese-style rooms where the surrounding trees and nature lend an air of elegance and charm; spacious Japanese-style and western-style rooms where you feel connected to Ojiyama’s beautiful scenery just by looking out the window; and western-style rooms perfect for those guests traveling solo and those a little unaccustomed to futons and other features of the Japanese-style room.
LAN (Wi-Fi) access is available in all rooms and throughout the hotel complex, making for a comfortable stay.
With the time gently passing by, savor a special experience amidst the peaceful scenery.

We Highly Recommend the Local Tanba Sasayama Cuisine!

When you first arrive, indulge yourself in the hotel’s natural hot spring, Makekirai no Yu.
Makekirai Inari Shrine is located here in Ojiyama and Inari-sama has been well known since ancient times as the god of victory and good luck.
Here at the hot spring which was named after this shrine, relieve your travel fatigue as you take in the beauty of Sasayama’s four seasons and soak up some of makekirai’s special powers.
You can also take a dip in the hot spring and return home on the same day.

Speaking of food, the hotel offers original dishes that incorporate many local ingredients from the Tamba Sasayama region.
Our recommendation is a popular dish offered only during the wintertime called Botan Nabe (wild boar hot pot).
Natural wild boar meat is served in this hot pot, and though the fat of the meat imparts a rich-tasting flavor, overall it’s a refreshing kind of taste.
There are two kinds of Botan Nabe: the standard type that uses miso flavoring, and also Yuki (snow) Botan Nabe, a creamy version that’s made with white miso and milk

Sasayama’s main tourist spots are also located near Ojiyama Koen Sasayama-so. With an abundance of nature and heartfelt hospitality, let’s fully enjoy a blissful time here.

Information and Map

Name: Ojiyama Koen Sasayama-so
Address: Kawaramachi 474-1, Sasayama city
Telephone:079-552-1127(switchboard) 079-552-0075(reservations)
Official Home Page: (Japanese)
Access: At Sasayamaguchi Station (JR Fukuchiyama Line) take a Shinki Green bus headed for Fukusumi, and get off at the Kamitatsumachi bus stop. From the bus stop it’s 11 minutes on foot.