The Inn Where You Can Experience Mongolian Culture – Otani Mongolian Village

What is the Otani Mongolian Village?

Otani Mongolian Village is in the middle of Sasayama City yet close to the mountains so you’ll be able to feel like nature is right at your fingertips. Rare to Japan, Mongolian nomadic houses known as “gers” have been set up as lodging facilities. Gers are made from sturdy willow trees with felt draped over the top wrapping the whole framework so there is no fear of the wind entering any gaps. The inside itself is quite spacious making them quite easy to live in.

One of the gers is used as a restaurant where you’ll be able to enjoy meals. One recommendation is the traditional, Mongolian lamb and rock salt stew. Lamb is an important source of energy for nomadic Mongolians. So how about trying authentic, Mongolian cuisine with salt-tenderized lamb? Also, for a limited time from November to March, you’ll be able to enjoy a Hyogo Prefectural dish known as Botan Nabe (boar stew). (A reservation needs to made by phone – Japanese only). The dish is made from carefully chosen boar meat used in traditional cooking for medicines.

Enjoy Mongolian Music and Ethnic Costumes

With the mountains extending throughout the area and the perfect starry sky overhead, the Otani Mongolian Village merges itself with nature with the tone of one of its traditional stringed instruments, the morin khuur. The neck of the morin khuur resembles the head of a horse, which is where it gets it’s name. The story behind this, called Suho’s White Horse, written by Yuzo Okatsu and published by Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers Inc., is also famous. And if you’re lucky, you just might be able to see a live show.

Here, you’ll also have the option to try on authentic, Mongolian costumes (fees apply).

Come and enjoy a timeless experience with beautiful background music at the Otani Mongolian Village. So how about coming to experience a Mongolian lifestyle in an authentic style ger?


Address: Hyogo, Sasayama City, Ochikata 41-1 Kusayama Hot Spring Kannonyu Campus
TEL: 079-592-0051
URL: only)
Access: JR Fukuchiyama Line (Get off at Sasayamaguchi Station, take the Shinki green bus and get off at Kusayam Onsen). 1 minute on foot.
Price: 1 night from 9800 yen (Includes 2 meals and an admission ticket. Tax included
“Bathroom and toilet are communal.
“Reservations can be made on the homepage.