Stay At NIPPONIA, A Castle Town Hotel

Experience Extraordinary Japanese Life at NIPPONIA

NIPPONIA is a hotel located in the castle town of Sasayama. The facility respects the traditional townscape and history of the area. It opened in October 2015 following renovation of 5 buildings, including old Japanese-style houses that are more than 100 years old, in order to allow guests to experience the culture of Sasayama.

The name “NIPPONIA” comes from the scientific name of an iconic Japanese bird, the crested ibis. As is the case with the crested ibis, the name is a symbol for the wish to pass on the historical cityscape and traditions to future generations. For example, the old Japanese-style houses were made using artistic architectural techniques. Merging this with a modern design adds new value to the facility, while re-realizing the beauty of Japanese architecture from back in the day.

To let guests enjoy the charm of the old Japanese-style houses, adiabaticity and privacy are not the highest priority in each building. There are no TVs or clocks inside the rooms. Staying in one of these rooms might be a good opportunity to get away from your usual sense of time.


Sasayama is a city that has a close relationship with chrysanthemums. The buildings of the hotel are named after chrysanthemums, in honor of the “onaegiku” which was gifted to the feudal lord of the Sasayama Domain from the shogun of the time. The “ONAE” building has a large canopy-like “geya” roof, one of the characteristics of the machiya townhouses. It boasts a restaurant where guests can enjoy genuine French cuisine. The “SAWASIRO” has a double-height “doma” (dirt place), and “hari” (beams) from the early Meiji Period (1868-1912). “NOZI” has a “hirairi” style entrance located on the side parallel to the roof’s ridge, a characteristic unique to nagaya buildings. The second floor has a “tsushi” (attic) shape appearance with a low floor height. Other buildings include the whole-house reservation type “SION” and the “SYOUZI-AN,” which is attached to the Toshiyuki Kita gallery.

Here, you can enjoy the history of Sasayama, the lives of the people, and the magnificent nature of the surrounding mountains. We hope you enjoy this exclusive experience offered by NIPPONIA.


Name: Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA
Address: Sasayama, Nishimachi 25 ONAE (Reception)
TEL: +81-120-210-289
Access: Free shuttle bus from JR Fukuchiyama Line Sasayamaguchi Station. *Booking required beforehand. Bookings can be made until 1 day before. Please note that there is a possibility that the service cannot be used due to availability.
Pick Up: 14:00-19:00, Drop Off: 8:00-12:00