Sasayama ABC Marathon: Run The Streets Of A Japanese Heritage Site

A Marathon Course Surrounding the Former Sasayama Castle Site

Sasayama ABC Marathon is held every year at early March. The route is authorized by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations as the Sasayama Joseki Marathon Course, and this marathon welcomes an average of 10,000 participants. The start line is at the Sasayama City Hall, and the participants run in the general east-west direction, returning to the Sannomaru Hiroba at Sasayama Castle.

The entry fee is 5800 yen, and the registration period is from October to November.

This marathon event is very accessible, as there will be shuttle bus services from various cities to Sasayama. The participants can ride this toll bus which also requires a reservation. ABC Marathon also has a certain quota for the participants choosing to stay at Sasayama from the previous night.

Shishijiru and T-shirt for the Participants

The participants receive a special microchip which records their lap time, and they can also subscribe for the finisher’s certificate in advance. The time at the five-, ten-, twenty-kilometer points, the halfway point, thirty- and forty-kilometer points will all be recorded, so each participant can check them against their regular practice time. The time at the ten-, twenty-, thirty-kilometer points and the finishing time can be confirmed on site.

In 2015, Tamba Sasayama area was designated as a Japan Heritage site, so the participants can enjoy the spring cityscape rich with tradition, history and natural surroundings. Shishijiru, a local dish of this area will be served at two special aid stations along the course, and also at the goal line. A special T-shirt will also be handed out to the participants. Those who completed the race will be awarded with a Tambayaki (the local earthenware) medal. From start to goal, this marathon is filled with local charms.


Sasayama ABC Marathon
Address: Hyogo, Sasayama, Kita-shinmachi/Sannomaru Hiroba of Sasayama Castle
Telephone: +81-79-552-5960
URL: (Japanese)
Access: From the JR Sasayamaguchi Station of the Fukuchiyama Line, take the Shinki Green Bus bound for Sasayama Eigyosho, and get off at “Nikaimachi” bus stop. It is a five minute walk to the start line.
Date: March
Entry Fee: 5800 yen