The Emperor of Flowers In Full Bloom – Nishiki’s Rhododendron Festival in April

The Enjoyable Rhododendron Event in Sasayama

You can experience the beautiful rhododendrons that grow in the northwest part of Sasayama. The best time of year to see them is at the end of April. And every year around this time, the Nishiki Rhododendron Festival is held at Kuromame no Yakata.

In the language of flowers, the rhododendron represents solemnity. It is a flower that gives off the feeling of brilliance, elegance and magnificence, so much to the point that it is known as the emperor of flowers. The rhododendron come in red, white, yellow and pink and are well known for the size of their calyces. In recent years, there have been a number of hybrids, including those of smaller size. Since they are relatively easy to grow, we recommend buying some seeds as souvenirs to grow at home. So please come and enjoy the colorful rhododendron in full bloom at this event!

What You Can Do at the Nishiki Rhododendron Festival

At the Nishiki Rhododendron Festival, you’ll be able to experience the exhibition and sale of planted, Eastern and Western specimens as well as watch competitive shows. You’ll also be able to attend lectures on sowing and cultivation, purchase seeds or pots at the bazaar, and watch stage events like dancing or concerts.

There are also a number of spots around the Kuromame no Yakata where you can admire the rhododendron. There is the Rhododendron Park where both Eastern and Western style rhododendron are planted. Tsutsumi Park is located along the road. Within the grounds is Shorin Temple, also known as Rhododendron Temple, as well as the rebuilt Fukutokuki Temple, whose foundation was first laid by Prince Shotoku in 1627. So please come and enjoy the beautiful scenery full of color!


Title: Nishiki’s Rhododendron Festival
Address: Sasayama City, Shimoitai 511-2 Kuromame no Yakata
Tel: 079-590-8077 (Kuromame no Yakata)、079-552-1111 (Sasayama City Commerce and Industry Sightseeing Division)
URL: Version)
Access: JR Fukuchiyama Line (Get off at Sasayamaguchi Station and take the Shinki green bus towards Kusayama Onsen. Get off at Itai). 6 minutes on foot.