Beautiful Chrysanthemums Flood the Grounds with Color – November – Sasayama’s Chrysanthemum Exhibition

The History of Chrysanthemum in Sasayama City

Every year at the beginning of November, a two-week exhibition is held to celebrate the chrysanthemums of Sasayama.

Chrysanthemum growing began in the Sasayama area around 250 years ago. The feudal lord of Sasayama, Tadanaga Aoyama (1806-1864), was granted a chrysanthemum from the Edo shogunate during the Edo Period (1603-1868), which started everything. Since then, the people of Sasayama have been nurturing and growing these classical, Japanese varieties of chrysanthemums.

The Chrysanthemum Exhibition was started in order to spread these varieties to other parts of the world for the art to be inherited and continued to be grown for years to come. Furthermore, another event has been started in Sasayama’s Tannan district, called the Tannan Chrysanthemum Exhibition. In 2002, the events were combined and spread over the area which gave birth to a much larger event, known as the Sasayama Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Points of Interest at Sasayama City’s Chrysanthemum Exhibition

The exhibition is centered around the Onaegiku variety of chrysanthemum and the place is filled with about 300 pots of plants brought from either individuals or teams. There are various kinds of flowers exhibited at the event, like the basic one flower style or the 3-flower branched style. Chemicals have also been used on some to stunt their growth to make the cute, compact Fukusuke. Another way to grow is to continuously thin the plant from the time it’s a seedling to increase the number of branches it will have, which makes for a half-spherical shape. When these flowers are lined up, it makes for a wondrous sight.

The art of cultivating chrysanthemums was very popular during the Edo Period. One characteristic of the Onaegiku is that once it is in full bloom, the back of the petals can be seen rolled up. Large chrysanthemums, with diameters of about 10 cm., were also popular during the Meiji Period (1868-1912). There are also smaller flowers, ones with more or less than the average number of petals and a plethora of other intricate designs, colors and styles to enjoy!


Title: Sasayama City’s Chrysanthemum Exhibition
Address: Sasayama City, Kita-Shinmachi 48-29. Otemae South Parking Lot Site
TEL: 079-552-1111 (Sasayama City’s Chrysanthemum Lovers Association)
Access: JR Fukuchiyama Line Sasayamaguchi Station. From the west exit, take the Shinki green bus towards Sasayama’s Business Office and get off at Nikaicho. It’s a five-minute walk from there.
Event Day: The beginning of November
Price: Free