Run Through A Castle Town In A Wheelchair! National Wheelchair Marathon In September

Over 100 Runners Participate in the National Wheelchair Marathon

The National Wheelchair Marathon is held in Sasayama every year in September. The event began with the purpose of public participation and maintaining the physical strength of people with disabilities. It was also started with the wish for the general public to enrich their understanding towards people with disabilities. It will be held for the 29th time in 2017.

The events are a full marathon and half marathon. Over 100 runners in wheelchairs speed through the World Heritage city of Tamba Sasayama. In order to remove the barrier between people with disabilities and those without, there is an open event (half marathon only) where anyone can run in a wheelchair. Participation in this event is for those who have experience in wheelchair sports and have the ability to finish.

Watch Impressive Wheelchair Racing!

The event is held on a Japan Association of Athletics Federations recognized course: the Sasayamajoato Course (Sasayama Castle Ruins Course). Runners will start in front of Sasayama City Hall and run through the city. Heading south past the Sasayama Castle ruins, the course crosses a bridge over Sasayama River. Runners will be in a large group at the beginning of the race, so you will be able to see their impressive skills.

After running through Higashibuki, Sasayama, the course heads north toward Nishiki Undo Park. With the Taki Alps on the left, runners will race east. They will then pass Kumobe Kurumazuka Kofun and turn around in Odachi. Finally, the course follows the Sasayama River to the goal at Sasayama Castle ruins Sannomaru Hiroba.

Middle school and high school students as well as other locals participate as volunteers to organize the roadside and water stations. The sight of countless locals cheering on participants lets visitors feel the long history of the National Wheelchair Marathon, as well as the understanding between people with disabilities and those without.


Name: National Wheelchair Marathon
Event Venue: Sasayama
TEL: +81-78-362-3237(Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Hyogo Prefecture Para-Sports Association), +81-78-341-7711(Hyogo Prefectural Office)
Website: (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Para-Sports Association)
Access: From JR Fukuchiyama Line Sasayamaguchi Station, ride Shinki Bus for Sasayama Eigyojo and alight at Nikaimachi, 5-minute walk from bus stop
Date: September
Participation Fee: 4,000 yen