Enjoy The Seasonal Specialties At Tamba Sasayama Aji Matsuri In October

An Event Where All the Tamba Cuisine (Kuro Edamame, Beef and Chestnut) Gather

Kuro edamame (black soybean), a Tamba specialty, appears in the market in early October. After the season opens, the Tanba Sasayama Aji Matsuri (food festival) is held during the three consecutive holidays in October.
Tamba Sasayama area is famous for the kuro edamame. It is a type of edamame (green soybean) that is picked before ripening, while its skin is still green. The peak season is very short, so it is considered to a rare treat. Large-grained and good-tasting, fans wait for the opening of the kuro edamame season every year.
Tamba Sasayama Aji Matsuri is held at that time, and also introduces the food culture of Sasayama. All kinds of products gather at the Sannomaru Hiroba of the Sasayama Castle, so come and enjoy the offerings of the agricultural city Sasayama.

The Highlight: Tamba Sasayama Beef Barbecue

Along with the kuro edamame sale, another highlight of the festival is the Tamba Sasayama Beef Barbecue. It is a very popular event, and some people even line up from morning. Most visitors are overwhelmed by the size of the beef. After it is roasted thoroughly, the beef is sliced and served from 11 a.m., to all the visitors who waited patiently.
At the Tamba-guri (chestnut) Fair, awards will be given to the best chestnuts, which is another special product. Tamba-guri is said to be the best in Japan, as it was presented to the Imperial Court in the Heian Period (794 to 1185 A.D.). Other local products, such as the Tamba Sasayama Yamanoimo (Japanese yam), which has a distinct stickiness, and the meat of the wild boar, which inhabits the local mountains, can be enjoyed at the festival.
** Please note that the events at the festival might change.


Tamba Sasayama Aji Matsuri
Address: Hyogo, Sasayama, Kita-shinmachi, Sannomaru Hiroba (Sasayama Castle)
Telephone: +81-79-552-1111 (Tanba Sasayama Aji Matsuri Committee)
URL: http://tourism.sasayama.jp/english/
Access: From Sasayamaguchi Station (JR Fukuchiyama Line), ride the Shinki Green Bus to the “Sasayama Honmachi” bus stop. It is a ten minute walk to the festival grounds. During the festival, there is a shuttle bus service between Sasayamaguchi Station Higashiguchi (east gate) and Sasayama Civic Center. The one way trip fare is 300 yen.
Date: Early October