Tambayaki Pottery Festival (October)-Enjoy Tamba’s Local Art Scene and Autumn’s Bountiful Harvest!

Tambayaki Pottery Festival-An Overview

The Tambayaki Pottery Festival, which runs every year for two days during the middle part of October, is an event in which visitors can enjoy Tanbayaki pottery and local autumn foods.

Tambayaki or Tamba ware, is considered to be one of Japan’s six ancient pottery styles, and is said to have originated sometime from the late Heian period (794-1185) to early Kamakura period (1185-1333).
Consisting mostly of storage jars, vases, bowls and other containers used in daily life, Tanbayaki is known for its elegant simplicity.

The firing of pottery takes place in a ‘nobori-gama’, or inclined kiln (along a mountain side), and uses pine tree firewood. Under extremely high heat inside the kiln, the floating ashes fuse together with the ceramic glaze causing the pottery to undergo changes in color and texture, so that each piece that comes out is unique in its own way.

At the Tokiichi main venue, tents specially prepared for this event line up one after the other, showcasing each artisan’s unique pottery.
Good deals found only here at this event and just-made pieces of work are on display. There’s a large selection of tableware for daily use, so there’s a good chance of finding something you’d like to buy.

With Tamba’s beautiful natural surroundings and fresh air, even just a leisurely stroll around the pottery festival will prove to be a fun and satisfying experience.

Savor Local Culinary Delights!! Tamba Sasayama Beef Topped With Black Soybeans

The fact that visitors can both enjoy Tambayaki pottery and the delicious foods of autumn, is one big reason for the festival’s popularity.
One of the special features of the event is the Tanba Umaimon Daishugo, held in the Nakaniwa courtyard venue. At this special display, visitors can enjoy local culinary favorites such as Tamba Sasayama beef, Tamba Sasayama black soybeans, black edamame (young soybeans boiled in their pods), Tamba chesnuts, and locally-brewed sake and beer, all served up in Tambayaki earthenware.
Please indulge yourself in this blissful time, savoring these foods of autumn from the Tamba region.

Guests to the festival can also make some delightful discoveries via a collaboration between potters and a food coordinator, called Utsuwa de Recipe.
In this collaboration, a series of recipes are each paired with a suitable piece of Tamba earthenware. At the potters’ respective tents and the various shops, you can pick up these colorful picture cards with recipes on the back!

At the Denshu Kaikan venue, there are various special displays allowing visitors to sample local specialties.
For example, at the Tamba Dai Chakai, you can drink matcha green tea brewed with Tamba water and eat Japanese confectioneries; and at Nihonshu BAR, you can try tasting locally brewed sake and also a wide selection of sake from all regions of Japan.

This pottery festival is held in October, which also coincides with the harvest period for Tamba Sasayama black edamame (young soybeans). These fresh, rich-tasting beans also make a good souvenir.

*Note: The festival schedule and activities are subject to change depending on the year.


Event Name: Tambayaki Pottery Festival
Event Locations: Kondacho and the Kondashisho area in Sasayama city, Tamba Traditional Art Craft Park-Tachikui Sue no Sato, Hyogo prefecture Museum of Ceramic Art, and on location at the various artisan tents.
Telephone:079-597-2034 (Tanba Traditional Art Craft Park-Tachikui Sue no Sato)
Official Home Page:http://tanbayaki-toukimatsuri.com/
Access: Take the JR Fukuchiyama Line to Aino Station. From the station hop on board the complimentary City Loop Bus and get off at Tachikui Sue no Sato (craft park).
Date of Event: The middle of October